Book an appointment before you visit us

If you intend to visit the Swedish Migration Agency, in most cases you should use our booking system and make an appointment.

Infor­ma­tion for you who plan to visit us

Please avoid visiting us in person if possible and contact us instead by email, telephone or one of our e-services. The opening hours of some offices may have changed, please check the opening hours before visiting us. If you need to visit us you are welcome if you are healthy. Stay at home if you feel even slightly unwell.

Before making your booking, you should

  • read through the list below and click on what you want to do during your visit
  • read the information describing what the time you book involves and what you need to bring with you when you come
  • select the place you want to visit
  • select the number of people the visit applies to
  • approve the Migration Agency’s terms of use
  • click on “Continue”.

Then, enter your details and follow the instructions. If there are no vacancies at one place, you could try again a little later. We regularly publish new times.

Once you have booked a time, you will receive a confirmation email. If no email arrives in your inbox, you should check your junk mail folder – it may have ended up there.

If your case at the Swedish Migration Agency is not included in the list, you can search for information on our website. You can also contact us by email, phone, or visit one of our Service Centres to get help with your case.

Here you will find the addresses and opening hours for our offices

Changes for people who wish to book an appoint­ment

Due to the coronavirus, we have changed the procedures for booking an appointment with us. The procedure for booking an appointment varies depending on where you live. That is why you should read more about what applies to you on the webpage of your town or city before you book an appointment.

Read more about what applies to you on the webpage of your town or city

Book an appointment

Rebook or cancel an appointment

If you have been given a time, but find that you cannot come then, it is good if you cancel it as soon as possible so that someone else can come then.

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