Infor­ma­tion for you who plan to visit us

Please avoid visiting us in person if possible and contact us instead by email, telephone or one of our e-services. If you need to visit us you are welcome if you are healthy. Stay at home if you feel even slightly unwell.

The Swedish Migration Agency follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden's advice to slow down the spreading of COVID-19. As a visitor, it is very important that you follow the instructions that apply on site.

Visiting address

Änglundavägen 35


Opening hours

Monday 09.30–12.30;Tuesday 09.30–12.30;Wednesday 12.30–16.00;Thursday 09.30–12.30;Friday 09.30–12.30

Special opening hours during the year

Other offices at the location

Bookable visits

  • Apply for a special allowance
  • Collect an Asylum Seeker Card (LMA-kort)
  • Have your fingerprints and photograph taken

Go to the booking page to book an appointment for your visit

Type of office

  • Reception Unit

Here you can, as an asylum seeker, get help while waiting for a decision. The office also helps you who have been refused your application for asylum and who will return to your home country.