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Västerås – Centre for National Service

Changes for Västerås Service Centre due to the coronavirus

  • A maximum of 20 people at a time can visit our service centre. Therefore, you may have to wait outside the waiting room for a while before being let in.
  • You may need to describe your case to an on-site service host or by phone to a case officer before entering the waiting room. We will as far as possible try to help you with your case by phone, letter and email.
  • You cannot book an appointment to extend visits in Sweden. Instead, send your application by post. Learn more about extending visits.
  • You can send your application by post or submit your application in our mailbox which you will find at the entrance.

Visiting address

Kopparbergsvägen 4


Opening hours

Drop-in:;Monday 09.00–12.00;Tuesday 09.00–12.00;Wednesday 09.00–12.00;Thursday 09.00–12.00;Friday 09.00–12.00; ;Booked visits:;Monday 09.00–15.00;Tuesday 09.00–15.00;Wednesday 09.00–15.00;Thursday 09.00–15.00;Friday 09.00–15.00

Special opening hours during the year

Bookable visits

  • Apply for an alien's passport or travel documents
  • Collect an alien's passport or travel document
  • Have your fingerprints and photograph taken

Go to the booking page to book an appointment for your visit

Type of office

  • Reception Unit
  • Service Centre
  • Permit Unit

Here, you can submit applications for studies, work, visits or to come live with someone in Sweden. Here you can also, as an asylum seeker, get help while waiting for a decision.