Laws and regulations

The Migration Agency's mission is governed by laws and regulations and appropriation directions we get from the government each year. We leave annual reports and quarterly migration forecasts to the government.

Each year the Migration Agency receive appropriation directions from the government. The directions govern the year's activities, including the objectives, budget and how the budget is to be distributed.

Appropriation directions 2024 (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

The Migration Agency is also required to report our activities in annual reports, issue forecasts of the migration to Sweden and give statements of opinion on reports.

Laws and provisions govern the focus of the immigration to Sweden. We base decisions on our knowledge of the situation in the home country of the applicant, and other circumstances needed to make such decisions. One important function is Lifos, the Migration Agency database for country of origin information. Lifos also includes judicial considerations.

Lifos, database for country of origin information

The Migration Agency also provides general advice to complement the laws and regulations that the Agency must follow. These are also helpful to Swedish embassies, municipalities, employers and others.

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