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Göteborg – Apply for asylum

To limit the spread of the coro­na­virus this applies:

  • Only 15 visitors are allowed in the room at the same time. Therefore, you may have to wait outside the waiting room for a while before being let in.

Visiting address

Streteredsvägen 90

Göteborg, Kållered

Opening hours

Monday 09.00–12.00;Tuesday 09.00–12.00;Wednesday 09.00–12.00;Thursday 09.00–12.00;Friday 09.00–12.00

Special opening hours during the year

Other offices at the location

Go to the booking page to book an appointment for your visit

Type of office

  • Apply for asylum
  • Apply for asylum (unaccompanied children)

Accommodation on arrival

At Streteredsvägen 90, Kållered, you can also find the Swedish Migration Agency's accommodation for newly arrived asylum seekers. The accommodation is open night and day. Here you can receive a meal and a place to sleep for the night.