Karlskrona – National Govern­ment Service Centre

Visit the National Govern­ment Service Centre in Karls­krona

If you live in or near Karlskrona, you are welcome to visit the National Government Service Centre in Karlskrona for help with your questions.

The help you can get at the Service Centre includes

  • use digital services
  • receive support in the application
  • get information about rules
  • print documents and forms
  • submit documents that are forwarded to the Swedish Migration Agency.

If you cannot get help at the National Govern­ment Service Centre, you will be referred to the right office at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Here you will find the office hours and information about the National Government Service Centre in Karlskrona (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Visit the Swedish Migra­tion Agen­cy in Växjö or Kristianstad

If you have a question about an ongoing case or want to apply for an alien's passport or travel document, we refer you to the Swedish Migra­tion Agen­cy's Service Centre in Växjö. If you are an asylum seeker, and need help while waiting for a decision, visit our reception unit in Kristianstad.

The Swedish Migration Agency's Service Centre in Växjö

The Swedish Migration Agency's Reception Unit in Kristianstad