Changes to daily allowance and accommodation costs

In future, the Swedish Migration Agency will take your spouse's or cohabiting partner's income into account when assessing your right to daily allowance and how much you have to pay for accommodation.

If you are seeking asylum or have temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive and have no money of your own, you have the right to financial support from the Swedish Migration Agency. Previously, when assessing your right to financial support, the Swedish Migration Agency would never take into account whether or not your spouse or cohabiting partner was earning an income. However, since married and cohabiting couples now share responsibility for the family's finances according to Swedish law, the Swedish Migration Agency will in future take your partner's income into account when assessing your right to financial support.

Both parents must pay for accom­mo­da­tion

This change means that both parents must pay for the accommodation even if only one of them has a job and an income.

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More people entitled to the highest level of daily allo­wance

Up until now, adults sharing their accommodation and household expenses with other people have been able to get a maximum of SEK 61 per day per person. However, from now on, only married and cohabiting couples will count as cohabitants. This means that a single adult who is a lodger or shares accommodation with friends can receive a higher daily allowance of SEK 71 per day. Young adults aged 18–20 who live with their parents will receive a maximum daily allowance of SEK 61/day.

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Notify the Swedish Migra­tion Agency if your finan­cial situ­a­tion changes

In order for the Swedish Migration Agency to be able to assess whether or not you are entitled to financial support, it is important that you let us know if your financial situation changes. For example, you must contact the Swedish Migration Agency if you or your partner gets a job and starts earning money. Also, if you arrange your own accommodation, your right to financial support may be affected by where you live. Please remember to notify the Swedish Migration Agency if you change address.