It will now be clearer what applies to residence permits for visits

From 15 January 2024, the rules will be clearer when it comes to residence permits for visitors. In a new judicial position, the Swedish Migration Agency emphasises, among other things, that in the future the applicant must be able to show that they have insurance and show how they will support themselves during their visit in Sweden.

In order to clarify and create a more uniform and legally secure processing of residence permits for visits, the Swedish Migration Agency is now describing the rules in a new judicial position. The new rules apply from 15 January 2024.

The main innovations of the judicial position are

  • a greater focus on applicants being able to justify the reason for their visit to Sweden. Longer stays may be justified in some cases, such as when visiting relatives or family members
  • that the maintenance requirement of SEK 450 per day will be standardised, with a couple of exceptions. The same amount applies to the crossing of Sweden's external borders that the Government has decided on
  • that you must have a valid medical travel insurance in order to be able to obtain a residence permit for visits. The permit must be valid in Sweden for the entire period of stay
  • that monks and nuns cannot obtain a permanent residence permit until they have spent four years in Sweden – compared to the previous two years.

Read more about what applies, and about the exceptions that exist on the page Visit Sweden for more than 90 days