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Frequently asked questions about visiting Sweden

Questions and answers about how visits to Sweden are affected by the corona virus

Yes. The Swedish Migration Agency has decided that visa applications to Sweden should, as a rule, be rejected. This is a result of the spread of the coronavirus and the Government’s ordinance to introduce a temporary entry ban to Sweden. The decision will remain in effect as long as the Government’s decision on a temporary entry ban remains in effect or until further notice. Some people are exempt from the entry ban.

No, the decision does not mean that visa services have stopped. Received applications are examined as usual, applications are also examined against the exceptions in the regulation about temporary entry ban to Sweden (Förordningen om tillfälligt inreseförbud till Sverige (2020:127).external link, opens in new window

Even if you have a visa that you can extend, the Swedish Migration Agency recommends that you – in view of the uncertain travel situation – apply instead for a visitor’s residence permit.

If you apply for a visitor’s residence permit before your entry visa, your entry visa-free time or your current visitor’s residence permit has expired, you have the right to remain in Sweden until the Swedish Migration Agency has made a decision.

If you have another permit that is about to expire, do not intend to extend this and have planned to leave Sweden, but cannot leave due to travel restrictions, you can apply for a visitor’s residence permit.

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It is important that you apply before your current permit or visa-free period expires.

If you apply for a visitor’s permit, specify the coronavirus pandemic as the only ground for your application and state that you intend to travel home as soon as possible, your application is free of charge.

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Yes, you can go home. If you receive a question about showing a valid permit at a border crossing, you should be prepared to show the receipt that we have received your application for a visitor's residence permit. You can show the receipt at transit at all border crossings within Schengen. Each country may have its own requirements for what documents you must be able to present at the border crossing. To be sure of what applies to you, contact the current Schengen Member State for more information.

It is good if you let us know that you have travelled from Sweden, then we can cancel your application. The easiest way to notify us is by sending a message via our web form. Make sure to enter your name. You should also enter your case number. You will find your case number at the top right of the receipt you received from us that we received your application.

Last updated: 2021-03-16

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