Special rules for certain occupations and citizens of certain countries

Special rules apply to employment and permits for certain occupations and for citizens of certain countries.

Certain occupations are subject to special rules. For example, you may have particular rights, need to enclose specific documents with your application or use a designated form when you apply.

The occupations are performer, au pair, berry picker, seasonal work, researcher, athlete or coach, trainee (traineeship through international exchange and traineeship with ties to higher education), volunteer and if you will apply for an EU Blue Card or an ICT permit.

In accordance with bilateral agreements, you may be required to obtain special types of permits if you are the citizen of certain countries, so called working holiday visa for young people.

Employers in some industries are subject to more stringent requirements. Read more about the subject under more stringent requirements for some industries.

Important information regarding your residence permit card

The residence permit card will be produced at the time the decision is made, but no earlier than three months before the residence permit becomes valid.

We cannot speed up the production or delivery of the card.

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