Exemptions from the work permit requirements

The following people may work in Sweden without a permit:

  • specialists within an international grou who work in Sweden for the group in less than one year altogether

  • employees who participate in practical experience, internal training or other skills development at a company in an international grou for up to three months altogether over the period of 12 months
  • people who participate in training, testing, preparation or completion of deliveries, or similar activities within the framework of a business transaction for up to three months altogether over the period of 12 months
  • diplomats and consular officials, as well as their families and staff. The exemption generally applies to the current mission only
  • fitters or technical instructors in connection with urgent installation or repair of machinery for up to two months. The work must be an emergency – in other words, an unexpected event that requires immediate measures. Scheduled or foreseeable work does not qualify for the exemption
  • people who have a temporary gig for a radio or television broadcast by Sveriges Radio AB, Sveriges Television AB, Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB or Nordisk Television AB (TV4-gruppen/TV4 AB) for up to one month after entering Sweden
  • performers, technicians and other tour staff, provided that the performer has been invited by an established arranger for up to 14 days over a period of 12 months. See list of established arrangers 
  • professional athletes and functionaries who participate in international competitions for up to three months over  the period of 12 months
  • railway personnel and lorry drivers in international commercial traffic
  • drivers and staff of tourist buses for up to three months
  • representatives who work temporarily as salespeople, journalists, etc., for a company that does not have a branch or office in Sweden
  • caregivers employed for a person who is visiting Sweden for up to three months
  • visiting research fellows or teachers at higher education institutions who participate in research, teaching or lecturing activities for up to three months altogether over the period of 12 months
  • people who live and work in, but are not citizens of, an EU/EEA country or Switzerland and who want to work in Sweden temporarily as a contractor or the equivalent
  • witnesses or plaintiffs in a criminal investigation who have obtained a residence permit as a result
  • for the period of deployment for a person who is part of an aid effort for a disaster or accident in Sweden.

Keep in mind that

Citizens of certain countries need a visa to enter Sweden.

Countries whose citizens require a visa for visits shorter than three monthsexternal link, opens in new window

Learn more about applying for a entry visa

If the job is for more than three months, the person must apply for a residence permit.

Last updated: 2017-02-01

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