EU agencies

EU legislation is implemented not only by EU Member States; there are also many different EU authorities, EU agencies, that apply and implement EU law. The agencies also support EU Member States in implementing EU law.

The EU agencies that are of relevance to the Swedish Migration Agency are EASO, eu-LISA and Frontex.


EASO, the European Asylum Support Office, is tasked with supporting Member States in implementing EU-wide asylum legislation. EASO coordinates support measures for countries with high numbers of asylum seekers, such as Greece and Italy. The Swedish Migration Agency contributes to the agency's work with these support measures. EASO also administrates a number of networks to which the Swedish Migration Agency belongs, where experiences are exchanged and common standards and tools are developed, for example, standards for reception procedures or tools for identifying vulnerable groups.

EASO also develops training programmes (ETC) on the asylum process to support the harmonisation of Member States in the field of asylum. EASO is headed by an Executive Director and has a directorate in which the Director-General of the Swedish Migration Agency holds the position of Deputy Chairman.

Every year, EASO conducts open Consultative Forums together with civil society.

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eu-LISA is the EU agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. The agency is responsible for the management of EU’s common IT systems used by police and migration authorities. The systems of relevance to the Swedish Migration Agency are Eurodac (a system used in the asylum process) and VIS (a system used for the handling of visas). eu-LISA has a directorate with a number of subordinated advisory groups. The Swedish Migration Agency is represented through an alternate member of the directorate and has delegates in two advisory groups, one in Eurodac and one in VIS.

At eu-LISA, we strive to ensure that the technical standards developed at EU level are in line with those used by the Swedish Migration Agency so as to streamline our operations and minimise costs at home.

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The largest of the three agencies is Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. Currently, the Swedish Migration Agency’s cooperation with Frontex is focused primarily on repatriation.

Through Frontex, the Swedish Migration Agency contributes monitors to ensure that people who are forcibly returned to their country of origin have their fundamental rights met. The Swedish Migration Agency also books some repatriation journeys through Frontex.

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