Technical support for online services

Our support team can help you if you have technical difficulties when using any of our online services. This could be related to problems logging in, password questions or error messages.

Try this at first

Many of the phone calls that come to the Swedish Migration Agency can be resolved by clearing your web history and cookies and also using a private network. Please check these things before calling us.

If an error has occurred during the use of the Migration Agency's e-services, the error may be saved in your browser. This means that errors that may no longer exist are still visible in the e-service. By clearing cookies and your web history, you reset your browser and your problems may have disappeared.

For most browsers you will find the cleaning function under settings.

Sometimes the Migration Agency's e-services do not work on public networks, different types of corporate or job networks. This is because firewalls can block the Migration Agency's e-services, and can apply even if you have your own private computer with you.

Therefore, test the Migration Agency's e-services from a private network.

If you suspect a technical error in the e-service or if the e-service becomes locked, try to reload the page by pressing F5 (PC), Command+Shift+R (Mac) or the reload button on your browser.

We have gathered the most common questions about our e-services.

Call us

Unable to find the answer to your question? Call us for help.

Telephone number

+46 771-235 235

Telep­hone hours

Monday–Friday 09.00–15.00

Email us

You can also email us if you have any questions about our online services. However, it takes longer to get an answer via email than if you call us.

Email technical support

To keep in mind when applying online:

  1. To apply you must create an account. Once you have done this, you will receive an email to your email address with a verification code. If you do not receive an email from the Migration Agency, it may be because the spam filter in your email program has perceived as spam. Therefore, you should check your spam folder.
  2. You must have access to the email address that you provide. The Migration Agency will use it to communicate with you. You cannot subsequently change the email address associated with an account that has already been created.
  3. You have 30 minutes on each page to fill out the information.
  4. Use only the buttons on the form to go forward or backward in the application; do not use the browser’s buttons for this.
  5. If you cancel your application or encounter technical interruptions, you must log in again within a certain time. For all e-applications for work permits, 30 days are valid for the information you have written to not be deleted. If you interrupt your application or have technical difficulties, you must log in again within 48 hours to ensure that the information you have written is not deleted.
  6. If you need to continue your application, you must do so from the same page as where you started your application.
  7. If you have forgotten your password, you will find a recovery feature on the same page as you logged in.
  8. Once you have filled in all questions, you can choose to print your application to make sure it is correctly filled out.
  9. Once you have confirmed the application you will no longer be able to change any information. Nor will you be able to send in any documents.
  10. When you are done with your application, you will receive a confirmation to your email address.

Last updated: 2021-10-18