Declaration of Citizenship

Is it unclear whether you are a Swedish citizen? If so, you may apply for a written declaration of citizenship that shows whether you are a Swedish citizen.

If you don’t know if you have received or lost Swedish citizenship, you can apply for a declaration of citizenship. It may be unclear, for example, if:

  • you became a Swedish citizen at birth
  • you lost your Swedish citizenship because you were born abroad and have never lived in Sweden
  • you lost your Swedish citizenship when you obtained a different citizenship.


You submit a written application in the form of an ordinary letter. The letter must include information about

  • when you were born
  • where you were born
  • how you obtained your Swedish citizenship and possibly your foreign citizenship
  • if you were born abroad (if you are born abroad, you must state what years and what times you visited Sweden before you turned 22 years old)
  • names and dates of birth or personal ID numbers of your parents
  • what citizenship(s) your parents have and dates for when they obtained their citizenship(s)
  • if your parents are or were married and, if so, when they got married and the date of a potential divorce
  • if either of your parents resided in Sweden, we want to know when he or she moved from Sweden
  • if your Swedish parent is born abroad, we also want the names and dates of birth or personal ID numbers of his or her parents.

In order for us to review your application, you must write:

“I provide the information in this application on my honour” and your signature.

You must submit your application to a Swedish embassy or a Swedish consulate.

If you live in Sweden, you must instead send your application to:

Swedish Migration Agency
Citizenship Unit
601 70 Norrköping

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