Right of resi­dence for an EU/​EEA citi­zen's family who are EU/​EEA citi­zens

If you have right of residence in Sweden, this includes your family. This means that they too have a right to live and work in Sweden without permits.

The right of residence of your family depends on you having right of residence by working, studying, being self-employed or living on your pension or other sufficient means for supporting your family.

Swedes are normally not considered EU/EEA citizens in this context, but Swedes who have recently lived in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland can be included in the group of people to whom the rules for right of residence apply.

To be registered in the Swedish population register and obtain a Swedish personal identity number, your family members need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Information about how to register at the Swedish Tax Agency External link, opens in new window.

Family members

A family member is

  • your partner (cohabiting partner, spouse or registered partner)
  • your or your partner's unmarried children under 21 years of age
  • your or your partner's children over 21 years of age if they are dependent on you for financial support
  • your or your partner's parents who are financially dependent on you (does not apply to the parents of students)
  • another family member who is dependent on you for their subsistence or is part of your or your partner’s household or if you are required personally to take care of the family member for serious health reasons.

Cohabiting partner refers to couples who are not married but live together as if married. It is not enough that you have lived together for example during a tourist visit.

If you have had a child in Sweden

Children born in Sweden become Swedish citizens as long as either of their parents is a Swedish citizen. If neither parent is a Swedish citizen they may need to apply for a residence permit for the child after it is born.

The child should have the same permit as yourself and the child's other parent. If you have a residence permit you should apply for a residence permit for the child. If you have right of residence, the child also has right of residence, and you do not need to contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

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