Racism assumes that people can be divided into different groups and that people belonging to certain groups are of lesser value. For example, it can involve dividing people into groups according to their skin colour, culture or religion.

In Sweden, there are laws that are created to protect people from being subjected to racism. For example, it is forbidden to deny a person a job or housing because of the person’s name or origin. It is also forbidden to wear jewellery or clothing with racist text, swastikas, or other symbols that are racist or offensive to a particular group. It is also not permitted to disseminate information claiming that a group or person is worth less, for example because of their skin colour or religion.

Sometimes when you are treated badly, it can be difficult to know whether or not what you have been subjected to is illegal. Talk to someone you trust about what has happened, such as a teacher or someone else with whom you feel safe.


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