If you are seeking asylum without a parent or other legal guardian

This information is for you if you have come without your parents and have applied for asylum (protection) in Sweden. Here we describe what stages you go through as an asylum seeker, how the Swedish Migration Agency decides who has the right to asylum and what support children and young people seeking asylum have the right to.

This information can be used both by you as an asylum seeker and by other young people who want to know more about what asylum is and how you go about applying for asylum, or by adults who want help explaining the asylum process to children and young people.

The information can be read in different ways. You can either read it right through from the first page to the end to get knowledge about what happens when you apply for asylum. Or you can read the section that you feel is the most important for you right now.

Your rights

The asylum process

When you turn 18 years

To anyone who is an important adult for a child who has applied for asylum

More information and support

What do the words mean?

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