When you apply for asylum in Sweden you have the opportunity to apply for financial support from the Swedish Migration Agency if you do not have your own money. There are two forms of financial support to apply for: daily allowance and special allowance.

Daily allowance

If you are entitled to a daily allowance, you will receive a sum of money per day, which is paid out once a month. Among other things, this money should cover your personal needs, such as clothes, shoes, medicine and things that you want to do in your leisure time. Sometimes you get money from the people who manage your accommodation, and then the Swedish Migration Agency does not pay a daily allowance.

Special allowances

If you have a special need for something your daily allowance cannot cover, you and your guardian can apply for a special allowance. For example, you might need eyeglasses, winter clothes or something else that you cannot do without.

Your guardian is responsible for your finances

If you are under the age of 16, it is your guardian who fills out the application and is responsible for your money. Once you turn 16, you have the right to apply for and be responsible for your daily allowance and any special allowance. You will receive your own bank card to which your daily allowance and special allowances will be deposited.


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