The municipality is responsible for arranging accommodation that suits you and your needs.

When you apply for asylum, the Swedish Migration Agency will contact the municipality, which will arrange temporary accommodation for you. After a few days or weeks, you will find out which municipality will have long-term responsibility for you and make sure that you can go to school and get the support you need while you wait for a decision on your asylum application.

If you have relatives or friends in Sweden that you want to live with or if you want to live near them, you should tell the Swedish Migration Agency or the municipality when you apply for asylum.

You can live in different ways

The municipality is responsible for finding you good accommodation. There are different kinds of accommodation arrangements. For example, you could live with relatives or friends, with a family that takes children and young people in need of help into their home, or together with other young people in a home where there are staff to help you.

If you want to live with relatives in Sweden, the social services in the municipality where you are placed must approve this arrangement. Before social services makes a decision, they will investigate whether the family is able to take care of you.

If something happens that makes you feel unsafe where you live, tell your guardian or social worker immediately.

Accommodation for those who are 18 years of age or older

When you turn 18, or if the Swedish Migration Agency assesses that you are over 18, the responsibility for arranging accommodation for you is transferred from the municipality to the Swedish Migration Agency. This means that you may need to move to one of the Swedish Migration Agency's temporary accommodation or arrange your own accommodation.

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