If you have no place to live while you wait for a decision on your asylum case, the Swedish Migration Agency can help you. You can also choose to arrange accommodation on your own; for example, you can stay with relatives or friends. If you arrange your accommodation yourself, you must inform us of your address so that the Swedish Migration Agency can contact you.

Living in accom­mo­da­tion provided by the Swedish Migra­tion Agency

The Swedish Migration Agency can offer you temporary accommodation while you are awaiting a decision. If you have no money, the Swedish Migration Agency will pay for the accommodation.

Your right to accom­mo­da­tion ends

You must move out of the accommodation if you have received a decision rejecting your asylum application or a deportation order and the decision has taken effect. You must also do so when your time limit for voluntary departure has expired. This applies to adults who do not live with children under the age of 18 of whom they are parents/legal guardians.

Families with children may continue living in the temporary accommodations provided by the Swedish Migration Agency and keep the right to financial support until they leave Sweden or for some other reason are deregistered from the reception unit. If you apply for a work permit after your refusal decision has become effective, you will be deregistered from your reception unit and no longer have a right to financial support or help with accommodations. The same applies to your family members who are applying for residence permits together with you.

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Living in your own accom­mo­da­tion

If you do not wish to live in the accommodation provided by the Swedish Migration Agency, you can find housing on your own. Many people choose to stay with friends or relatives while they wait for a response to their asylum application. If you choose to arrange accommodation on your own, you will need to pay the accommodation costs yourself.

If you move to an area that a municipality has reported to the Swedish Migration Agency as an area of social and economic challenges, you may lose the right to a daily allowance and special grant.

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