Activities while you are waiting for a decision

As an asylum seeker, you can take part in various activities to start learning Swedish, find out about Swedish society and the labour market or improve your health.

Many voluntary organisations, such as sport clubs, cultural associations, humanitarian associations, churches or mosques, arrange activities for asylum seekers. They can include activities in which you learn more about society or about the labour market, Swedish-language instruction, language cafés or activities that are about improving your health.

There are also study associations and folk high schools that offer study circles or courses in Swedish and civic information for asylum seekers. There you meet in groups and learn Swedish along with a teacher or circle leader. When you take part in the group, you can be involved in deciding what the instruction will be like. The group meets several times.

The great majority of the activities arranged by these organisations and by study associations and folk high schools are part of society’s Early action for asylum seekers (TIA). There is no charge for taking part in these activities. If you want to take part in a study circle, course or other activity in Early action for asylum seekers. you have to contact a study association, folk high school or voluntary organisation where you live. To take part, you need to be able to present your asylum seeker card (LMA card).

Compen­sa­tion for travel to acti­vi­ties

If the activity you are taking party in is part of Early action for asylum seekers, then the Swedish Migration Agency can, in certain cases, pay compensation for your travel by public transport to the activity. Ask the person arranging the activity whether it is an activity in Early action for asylum seekers.

If you need compensation for your travel, you have to ask for a certificate showing that you are a participant from the arranger of the activity. You have to take the certificate to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Who can get compen­sa­tion for travel?

You can get compensation for travel if you have attained 18 years of age and

  • have applied for asylum in Sweden and your case has to be examined here
  • are waiting for the first decision in your residence permit case
  • have been given a residence permit in Sweden but are still living in the Swedish Migration Agency’s temporary accommodation.

If you have an income or you are attending upper secondary school, you cannot get compensation for travel to early action activities.

To get compensation for travel to activities, the distance between your home and the activity must be at least three kilometres. But if you cannot walk to the activity, for example if you have a disability or must bring small children with you, you can still get compensation for a shorter trip by public transport.

In the first place you can get compensation for travel to activities being held in the municipality you are living in. This is why you should begin by looking for an activity that suits you in your own municipality. If there are not enough activities where you live, you can, in certain cases, get compensation for travel to another municipality. Speak to your reception unit to find out what travel you can get compensation for where you live.

The compensation is paid to your debit card, generally for one month at a time. If you have any questions about your travel compensation, contact your reception unit.

If you stop parti­ci­pa­ting in an acti­vity

If you stop participating in an activity, you can no longer get compensation for travel. Then you have to notify the arranger of the activity and your reception unit that you have stopped. The arranger of the activity is also allowed to contact the reception unit to notify it that a participant has stopped.

If you are ill or have some other reason why you are temporarily unable to come to the activity, you have to notify the arranger of the activity.

Study Swedish and learn more about society on your own

On the internet there are many programs for learning Swedish on your own.

You will find all the links on the Learn Swedish page on www.informationsverige External link, opens in new window.

Most of the programs require internet access. They are all free.

On External link, opens in new window. there is also a great deal of information about Swedish society.

Train your basic digital skills

Digitala jag is a training for anyone who wants to become more confident in using digital services in everyday life, for instance in contacts with various public authorities. The training is free and is available in several languages.

Read more at External link, opens in new window.

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