LMA card for asylum seekers

LMA is short for “Lagen om mottagande av asylsökande” (Swedish Reception of Asylum Seekers’ Act). An LMA card is a plastic card with your photo that shows that you are an asylum seeker.

Picture of an LMA card

When you apply for asylum in Sweden your photo is taken. You later receive an LMA card. An LMA card is not an identity card (ID card), but is verification that you are an asylum seeker and are entitled to stay in Sweden while you wait for a decision. The card is personal and replaces the receipt they gave you when you handed in your asylum application.

Always have your LMA card on you

You should show your LMA card whenever you contact the authorities. In certain cases the LMA card can be used as identification when you collect postal packages sent from aboard or registered post from the Swedish Migration Agency.

In certain cases you will receive a reduced patient’s fee when you seek health care with your LMA card. You also receive a reduced fee for most medicines that you buy with a prescription from a doctor, if you show your LMA card at the pharmacy.

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Under your photo on the LMA card, there is a number which is useful when you talk to the Swedish Migration Agency’s staff. With this number it is simpler for the staff to access your documents more quickly.

If you lose your LMA card

If your LMA card is stolen or if you lose it, you must report it to the police. You will be given a written police report that you should take to your reception centre when you order a new LMA card.

How long your LMA card is valid

Your first LMA card is valid for four months. You will then receive a new LMA card which is valid for six months. You do not need to order a new card when your old card expires. The new card will automatically be sent to your reception centre where you can collect it. At most reception units you must book an appointment to collect an Asylum Seeker Card (LMA kort).

You lose your eligibility to financial aid if you have your application is rejected or if you have been deported, and the decision has come into effect, or when the deadline for voluntary departure has expired. This applies to you as an adult who is not living with a child under 18 to whom you are a guardian for.

You must return the card when you are de-registered from the Swedish Migration Agency. This applies no matter whether you have received a residence permit, your right to assistance has ceased for other reasons, or you are leaving Sweden.

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Last updated: 2021-03-08