Health care for asylum seekers

You who are seeking asylum in Sweden have the right to acute health and dental care and health care which cannot wait.

In Sweden, the county councils and regions are responsible for health care. This is valid everywhere in the country. Each county council or region has its own website with information about the health care they offer at hospitals and health care centres. There is also a common website for all the county councils and regions: 1177 Vårdguiden (health care guides).

In the 1177 health care guides, you can find among other things contact details and opening hours of the different health care and dental care clinics. You can call 1177 health care guides round the clock. The telephone number is 1177. When you call, you will talk to a nurse who will evaluate your need for care, give you an advice and direct you to the right health care clinic if necessary.

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Right to health care

When you seek asylum in Sweden you have the right to acute health and dental care and to health care, which cannot wait. The county council/region decides which type of health care you can get. You also have the right to childbirth care, abortion care, contraception advice, maternity care and care according to the contagion prevention law.

Asylum seeking children and youths under 18 years have the same right to free health and dental care as the other children who live in Sweden.

Health assessment

All asylum seekers are offered a health assessment. You will be required to undergo a free health assessment as soon as possible after you have applied for asylum.  

The health assessment does not affect your application for asylum. It is for you and so that you can get early help if you need care. At the health assessment you will get advice on health matters, an offer to do a screen test and information about health care in Sweden. The health care workers do not work for the Swedish Migration Agency and have taken an oath of secrecy.


At your health examination you can also say that you have or think you have a disability. That is to say, you think that your ability to function physically, mentally or intellectually is reduced.

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to communicate when you apply for asylum, you can be given help and support for this. Having a disability is no obstacle to being granted a residence permit.

If you have a disability and are granted a residence permit in Sweden, you have the right to support that makes it easier for you to enter Swedish society.

When you need health care

If you become ill or wound yourself, the first thing to do is to get to a health care centre. In most cases you will call and book an appointment before you go to a care centre. Via the 1177 health care guide, you can find the telephone numbers of the health care centres in the location where you live. If you get acutely ill and need an ambulance you can call the emergency number 112.

For acute dental care you can go to the national dental service (Folktandvården) or some other dentist indicated by the county council/region.

Look for ”Hitta vård” at for more information. The information there is in many languages.

If you do not speak Swedish, you have the right to an interpreter when you go to see the doctor or someone else at the health care or dental care centre. In most cases, the health care centre personnel can book an interpreter. Say that you will need an interpreter when you book the appointment.


At the pharmacy, you can buy different medicines and other health-care products. There you can also get the medicine the doctor has prescribed for you.

Patient transport

If due to your health you cannot get to the healthcare centre on your own, you can book patient transport. You can also get compensation for the transportation costs to and from the health care centre or hospital, if there is medical reason for them. The person who gives you care is who judges if you have the right to patient transport. Call 1177 Vårdguiden to get more information about the county council/region where you live.

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Take your LMA card with you

When you visit a care centre or go to get medicines in a pharmacy, you have to show you LMA card. If you have not yet received your LMA card you have to show the receipt proving that you have asked for asylum. In some cases you pay a lower patient fee if you show your LMA card when you visit the care centre. You also pay less for most of the medicines prescribed by a doctor if you show the card at the pharmacy.

Fees for health care

These fees are valid for asylum seekers who show their LMA card.

Visit to the health care centre or hospital



Doctor’s appointment at health care centre

50 kronor

Doctors appointment after referral*

50 kronor

Visit after referral* to other health care than doctor (for example nurse, physiotherapist, counsellor)

25 kronor

Prevention for children and pre-natal care, pregnancy care and childbirth


Protective care if you have a contagious sickness


*A referral is a communication, which the doctor sends to another health care clinic when some special evaluation, examination or treatment is necessary. The referral contains medical information about your symptoms, how you feel and your earlier illnesses and wounds. The health care clinic, which receives the referral, will then call you for an examination.

Acute hospital care

Fees for acute visits to the hospital vary over the country. You can find current fees on the county council/region website or via 1177 Vårdguiden.

Acute dental care
Acute visits to the national dental service or another dentist the dental service indicates50 kronor
Acute visit to a private dentist without approval from the national dental serviceDentists' fee


You pay 50 kronor for most of the medicines you get with a prescription. Sometimes there are prescribed medicines which are more expensive than 50 kronor. Most of the medicines prescribed to children under 18 years are free.

Patient transport

You will pay for patient transport not more than 40 kronor.

Compensation from the Migration Agency

You can apply for special allowance from the Migration Agency for the expenses you paid when you needed health care and for the expenses for medicines, you have bought on prescription.

If your expenses exceed 400 kronor

If during 6 months you have paid more than 400 kronor for doctors’ appointments, patient transport, prescribed medicines and other health care (such as physiotherapy) you can apply for special allowance. The Migration Agency can compensate you for the expenses which exceed 400 kronor. To get money back you must show the receipts to prove that you paid for services (not fees). Regarding receipts for medicine you need to give in the prescription specifications, the part of the receipt where your name appears.

Acute health care and medicines

Expenses for acute health care are not included in the 400 kronor described above, but you can apply for special allowance for the part, which exceeds 50 kronor. The same rule applies if you needed acute dental care, as long as the national dental service was not open or did not have time slots available when you needed care.

Take the receipt to the Migration Agency and leave an application for special allowance as soon as you can, after the acute care visit.

You can also apply for compensation for prescribed medicines which cost more than 50 kronor.

Last updated: 14 December 2017

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