Fees for health care

These fees are valid for asylum seekers who show their LMA card.

 Visit to the health care centre or hospital

Type of visit


Doctor’s appointment at health care centre

50 kronor

Doctors appointment after referral*

50 kronor

Visit after referral* to other health care than doctor (for example nurse, physiotherapist, counsellor)

25 kronor

Prevention for children and pre-natal care, pregnancy care and childbirth


Protective care if you have a contagious sickness


*A referral is a communication, which the doctor sends to another health care clinic when some special evaluation, examination or treatment is necessary. The referral contains medical information about your symptoms, how you feel and your earlier illnesses and wounds. The health care clinic, which receives the referral, will then call you for an examination.

Acute hospital care

Fees for acute visits to the hospital vary over the country. You can find current fees on the county council/region website or via 1177 Vårdguiden.

Acute dental care

Type of visit


Acute visits to the national dental service or another dentist the dental service indicates

50 kronor

Acute visit to a private dentist without approval from the national dental service

Dentists' fee

How to pay for your care visit

Always ask your healthcare provider, i.e. the healthcare centre, hospital or Swedish Dental Service Organisation, about how to pay for your visit when you seek medical care. You pay for your visit in different ways depending on which city you live in. Some healthcare are providers accept cards or cash while others send an invoice to your home. If the healthcare provider only allows invoice payment, you can ask if you are allowed to come back and pay the bill on site, as options for paying invoices are limited for asylum seekers.


You pay 50 kronor for most of the medicines you get with a prescription. Sometimes there are prescribed medicines which are more expensive than 50 kronor. Most of the medicines prescribed to children under 18 years are free.

Patient trans­port

You will pay for patient transport not more than 40 kronor.

Compen­sa­tion from the Migra­tion Agency

You can apply for a special grant from the Migration Agency for the expenses you paid when you needed health care and for the expenses for medicines, you have bought on prescription.

If your expenses exceed 400 kronor

If during 6 months you have paid more than 400 kronor for doctors’ appointments, patient transport, prescribed medicines and other health care (such as physiotherapy) you can apply for a special grant. The Migration Agency can compensate you for the expenses which exceed 400 kronor. To get money back you must show the receipts to prove that you paid for services (not fees). Regarding receipts for medicine you need to give in the prescription specifications, the part of the receipt where your name appears.

If you see a specialist doctor without a referral from a doctor at the healthcare centre, you will pay a higher cost. The cost is not included in the maximum health bill, that is, the 400 kronor.

Acute health care and medi­cines

Expenses for acute health care are not included in the 400 kronor described above, but you can apply for a special grant for the part, which exceeds 50 kronor. The same rule applies if you needed acute dental care, as long as the national dental service was not open or did not have time slots available when you needed care.

Take the receipt to the Migration Agency and leave an application for a special grant as soon as you can, after the acute care visit.

You can also apply for compensation for prescribed medicines which cost more than 50 kronor.

If your appli­ca­tion has been rejected

If your right to financial support from the Migration Agency has expired as a result of having received a decision on rejection or deportation that can no longer be appealed against, you must return your LMA card and you can no longer receive any allowance for medicine or doctor’s appointments.

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