Accommodation with the Swedish Migration Agency

This information is for asylum seekers who are going to be living in one of the Migration Agency’s accommodation centres while you await a decision on your application.

The Migration Agency offers you temporary accommodation during the time you are waiting for your decision. You no longer have the right to live in Migration Agency accommodation if you have received a notice of rejection or expulsion, or if the deadline for leaving voluntarily has expired. This applies to all adults and those persons not living with children under 18 years of age for whom they are the guardian.

The Migration Agency will pay for your accommodation if you do not have any money. However, if you have an income or your own means, you have to pay for accommodation as well as the food that is included.

You have to stay where there is space

You are not entitled to choose where you stay, instead you must be prepared to move to a location where there is vacant accommodation. During your waiting period, you must also be prepared to move to accommodation elsewhere in order to make room for further asylum seekers.

You have to share rooms

The Migration Agency’s accommodation centres are only intended for asylum seekers. If you have been offered a place in an accommodation, it applies only for you. Accommodation is often in a flat that is shared with others. Families are always given a room of their own. Single people must share a room with others of the same sex.

If you need specially adapted accommodation for any reason, speak to your Reception Unit.

If you have special needs

You are entitled to accommodation that is adapted to your needs if you are in a particularly vulnerable situation. This applies for example if you are an LGBTQ person, an unaccompanied child, or if you are elderly, pregnant, or single with small children. You may need specially adapted accommodation if you are seriously ill, if you have a functional disability or a mental disorder. You are also entitled to specially adapted accommodation if you feel that you need it because of what you have been through, for example if you have been subjected to human trafficking, torture, rape or other forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence, or female genital mutilation.

Speak to your Reception Unit as soon as possible if you have special needs regarding your accommodation. We will do everything we can to find a solution that feels satisfactory and safe to you.

Respect for others in your accommodation

The Migration Agency wants to ensure that everyone living in an accommodation feels safe and secure in their living environment. It is important that everyone in the accommodation respects each other, regardless of religion, culture or sexual orientation.

If you experience threats, violence or other degrading treatment you should first of all turn to the police authorities in the place you live, or phone 112 in an emergency. Speak to your Reception Unit if you feel unsafe in your accommodation.

Furniture and fittings

The accommodation is equipped with furniture and fittings you may need. If you have any problems in the accommodation it is important that you contact Migration Agency staff as soon as possible. Staff will occasionally visit the accommodation while you are living there, to see if anything needs to be fixed.

Television costs are not included in the accommodation. If you or anyone else in your accommodation gets a TV, you have to pay radio and TV fees yourselves.

You can read more about radio and TV fees on link, opens in new window

Your personal things

Storage or other spaces that may exist in the house are not included in the accommodation. You will be given a closet where you can keep your personal things. Migration Agency staff are not allowed to open the closet during your stay in the accommodation.

Shared spaces

In order for everyone to feel comfortable and get along, there are rules for how to use shared spaces. You will receive more information about the rules that apply for your house when you move in.

In all accommodation you

  • have to keep things clean and tidy
  • must not smoke indoors
  • have to be careful with furniture and appliances
  • are not allowed to have pets.


Remember that

  • it is highly dangerous and absolutely forbidden to repair or try to alter the electrical outlets
  • you must contact the staff when something is broken
  • you must not block the front door or the emergency exits, making it difficult to evacuate the house in case of fire
  • installing a satellite dish is not permitted in some houses – always ask the staff what rules apply in your house.

Environmental awareness

The Migration Agency wants to contribute to improving the environment together with you. Please bear the following in mind:

  • Be economical in your use of water, electricity and heating
  • Don’t leave the windows open for a long time when it’s cold outside (that uses more electricity and heating)
  • Separate your waste. Household waste must be separated into different waste containers. You will receive information about how this is done in your house from Migration Agency staff or the property owner.

When you move out or change accommodation

Migration Agency staff will check the accommodation you are leaving, including the furniture and equipment there, to ensure that everything is in place and in good condition for the next person who is moving in.

Remember to:

  • if you need to change accommodation the trip will often be by train or bus. The amount of luggage you can take with you is limited. Contact the Swedish Migration Agency´s staff for more information of how the handling of luggage works when moving between Swedish Migration Agency’s lodgings
  • take your personal things. We cannot guarantee that anything you leave behind will be returned to you once you have moved out or been discharged from the Migration Agency’s reception system. Items left behind will be disposed of, given away or handed in to the police as lost property.
  • return your key to Migration Agency staff.

If you would like to know more

You can find more information about housing and financial support on our website

If you have any questions, you are welcome to phone your Reception Unit or the Migration Agency’s Contact Centre (on 0771-235 235), or ask your accommodation staff how you can contact them.

Last updated: 15 November 2018

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