To important adults to a child who has applied for asylum

Adults are adults and children are children. Parents are important for children and when parents are missing other adults are especially important.

An important adult can be

  • mum
  • dad
  • other custodial guardian
  • guardian
  • relative
  • teacher
  • welfare officer
  • staff from the Migration Agency
  • person from a Non-Governmental Organisation.

Being an asylum seeker is not a normal situation – you have arrived in a new country and applied for asylum (protection). No-one chooses to leave their country voluntarily to have to apply for asylum – but the reasons for asylum aren't always enough to get a residence permit.

Children are different individuals, just like adults. Children have questions, some ask questions about their situation, while others think about their questions but don't dare ask them.

As an adult you play an important part. You are a person who can guide and support the asylum-seeking child in the situation that the child is in.

You can read these web pages with the child. Together you can read about the various stages that you go through as an asylum seeker.

Last updated: 2017-12-11

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