What do the words mean?


A person in need of alternative subsidiary protection is someone who has applied for asylum in Sweden and been granted alternative subsidiary protection status. These people are usually granted a residence permit for 13 months.

Asylum means sanctuary. When a person applies for asylum, he or she seeks protection in a country other than his or her country of origin.

The asylum process is the various steps that an asylum seeker goes through – from application to decision.

An asylum seeker is a person who has arrived in Sweden and applied for asylum, but who has not yet received a final answer to their application.

An asylum investigation is an interview where you can say why you want protection in Sweden.

Rejection of an asylum application means that the Swedish Migration Agency has said ‘no’ to granting a person’s application for asylum.

Children are all people under the age of 18.

A decision in an asylum case is when the Swedish Migration Agency has decided whether or not an asylum seeker can stay in Sweden.

Daily allowance is an allowance from the Swedish Migration Agency that an asylum seeker can apply for if they do not have their own money.

Judgement. Most of the Swedish Migration Agency’s decisions can be appealed in the courts. When a court makes a decision, this is called a judgement.

A refugee is a person who has applied for asylum and been granted refugee status. This means that you meet the requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees, the so-called ‘Geneva Convention’. These people are usually granted a residence permit for 3 years.

A guardian is a person who must look after the interests of asylum-seeking children when their parents are unable to do so. It can be a man or a woman.

Identity means who a person is. When the Swedish Migration Agency asks about your identity, we mean your name, how old you are and where you come from.

Legal force means that the decision can no longer be appealed.

The Swedish Migration Agency is the authority in Sweden that examines applications from people seeking asylum. The Swedish Migration Agency also examines applications from people who want to visit or move to Sweden, or who want to become Swedish citizens.

Authorities ensure that society functions as it should according to the laws decided by the Parliament.

Public counsel is a person who knows Swedish laws. This counsel will help you with your asylum application. A public counsel is a lawyer or law graduate and does not work at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Social services are available in every municipality. They work according to a law called the Social Services Act. The Social Services Act deals with the right to health and social care that everyone in the municipality has. It contains rules for how society should assist people who need help but who cannot get it from anyone else.

Obligation of secrecy means that people who work at, for example, the Swedish Migration Agency are not allowed to tell share what you have said with anyone who does not have the right to know.

A residence permit means that a person has received a ‘yes’ to their application to live in Sweden.

When someone lodges an appeal, this means that they write to an authority or court and inform them that he or she does not agree with what the authority or court has decided. The person says they want the authority or court to change the decision.


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