What do the words mean?

  • Asylum means place of refuge. When a person applies for asylum he or she applies for protection in a country that isn't his or her home country.
  • The asylum process is the stages that the asylum seeker goes through, from application to decision.
  • An asylum seeker is a person who has travelled to Sweden and applied for protection. He or she hasn't received a final answer to his or her application.
  • Application refusal means that a person has had their application turned down. He or she cannot stay in Sweden.
  • Children means anyone who is under the age of 18.
  • Decision on an asylum case is when the Migration Agency has decided whether an asylum seeker can stay in Sweden or not.
  • Daily allowance is an allowance that an asylum seeker can apply for if he or she doesn't have any money of his or her own.
  • Judgement. Most of the decisions made by the Migration Agency can be appealed to a court. When a court makes a decision it's called judgement.
  • A refugee is a person who has applied for asylum and can stay in Sweden on refugee grounds.
  • A guardian is a person who takes care of the interests of asylum-seeking children when their parents cannot do so. A guardian can be a man or a woman.
  • An authority is a state agency that is controlled by the government. The authorities make sure that society works the way it is supposed to according to the laws decided by the parliament.
  • A public counsel is a person who knows Swedish laws. The counsel will help you, or you and your family, with your asylum applications. A public counsel is a lawyer or solicitor and does not work at the Migration Agency.
  • The social services are represented in every municipality. Their staff work according to a law called the Social Services Act. The Social Services Act is about everyone in the municipality's right to care. It contains rules for how society should help everyone who needs help and who cannot be helped by anyone else.
  • Residence permit means that a person has had their application for asylum approved. He or she can stay in Sweden.
  • The Aliens Act is a law that contains the rules for whether asylum seekers can stay in Sweden or not. Parliament makes decisions on these laws.
  • Appeal means that a person writes to an authority or court to say that he or she doesn't agree with what the authority or court has decided. The person wants the authority or court to change the decision.

Last updated: 2017-10-30

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