Asylum investigation – what happens then?

After you have applied for asylum you will be summoned to an asylum investigation. It may take a long time before you can come to an asylum investigation. The waiting times can also differ from one person to another.

How does an asylum investigation work?

The asylum investigation is a conversation with the Migration Agency where the officer will ask you what has happened to you in your home country and what would happen if you returned there. The Migration Agency will also ask you how you travelled to Sweden and examine your identity, for example your age and your family. You should bring documents such as your passport and other identification documents that show that what you tell us is true.

Being in an asylum investigation can be hard. The investigation takes between two and three hours and you will get questions about things that can be hard or embarrasing to talk about. It is important that you tell the Migration Agency the truth, even if it's hard, and try to answer all questions as well as you can. If you get the same questions several times it doesn't mean that you gave the wrong answer, but that the officer needs more information. If you need to take a pause you can ask the officer for a break.

Just like at any other meeting at the Migration Agency it's important that you understand the interpreter so that you understand what is said and what you must do. Remember to say if you don't understand the interpreter.

Your story is written down in a record. A record is notes about what you have said. The Migration Agency will send the record to your public counsel who will go through it with you and your guardian after the conversation. If there are any mistakes it is important that your public counsel informs the Migration Agency so that they are corrected – otherwise it will be difficult for you to explain what is correct later on.

Who will be at the asylum investigation?

You, your guardian and your public counsel will be present at the asylum investigation. One person from the Migration Agency will conduct the investigation and write down a record. Sometimes there are two people from the Migration Agency; then one will conduct the investigation and the other person will write down the record. There will also be an interpreter in the room. The interpreter is not an employee of the Migration Agency: he or she is from a company that provides interpreters.

Last updated: 2017-11-09

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