Work permit requirements

To obtain a work permit, you must have a job and be able to show an employment contract. You cannot enter Sweden until the permit has been granted.

Infor­ma­tion for holders of work permits who wish to apply for an exten­sion

When you apply for an extension of your work permit, the Migration Agency checks that the conditions for a work permit have been met during the periods of validity of each of your previous work permit periods. For the application to be complete, you need to submit documents that show that salary requirements have been met for all periods that you have held a work permit in Sweden. You must also state your insurance company and insurance number.

To obtain a work permit you must

  • have an employment contract, signed by both parties (if the employment contract is in a language other than English or Swedish, it must be translated. A copy of the original document must also be attached)
  • have a valid passport
  • have an employment with terms of employment that are at least on par with those set by Swedish collective agreements or which are customary within the occupation or industry
  • have a salary that is at least on par with that set by Swedish collective agreements or which is customary within the occupation or industry
  • have an employment that enables you to achieve a good income. This means that you must have a monthly salary that amounts to at least 80 percent of the median salary published by Statistics Sweden (SCB) and which was valid at the time of application. Read about current maintenance requirement here
  • have an employer who provides insurance covering health, life, employment and pension when you begin to work.

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Certain occupations and citizens of certain countries are subject to special regulations for working in Sweden. They are subject to additional or different requirements.

In order to obtain a work permit, you must fulfil the requirements for a work permit for one job. The requirements cannot be fulfilled by having two or more jobs at once. You need a work permit to work in Sweden whether you are employed in Sweden or abroad, whether you are employed by an employment agency that provides personnel to a company in Sweden, or whether you have been transferred within an organization.

You must show your passport

The Swedish Migration Agency must check your passport before a decision can be made. You may therefore need to show your passport at a Swedish embassy or consulate-general if you are outside Sweden, or one of the Migration Agency's service centres if you are in Sweden.

In some cases, you will not be required to show your passport, for example, if we have already checked your passport during a previous visit.

If you need to show your passport, we will contact you with information on how and when to do so.

If you need an entry visa or residence permit card to travel to Sweden, you will in most cases have your fingerprints taken and be photographed when you show your passport at an embassy or consulate-general.

Employment for less than three months

For employment that lasts less than three months, citizens of certain countries must have both a work permit and a visa. Contact the Swedish embassy or consulate-general for more information about visas.

Countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Sweden External link, opens in new window.

Swedish embassies and consulates-general External link, opens in new window.

Swedish popu­la­tion register

To be registered in the Swedish population register, you need to have the permit for at least one year and stay in Sweden for at least one year.

If you will be granted a work permit for a period of time less than one year, you will not be registered in the Swedish population register and will not have rights to social benefits. For this reason, it is important that you have insurance to cover any costs that may arise in the event of illness or an accident.

Resi­dence permit to look for work

If you have completed studies corresponding to an advanced level degree, you can obtain a residence permit to come to Sweden and seek work or explore the possibilities for starting your own business. The permit can be granted for a maximum of nine months.

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