If you are already in Sweden and want to apply for a work permit

The main rule is that you must apply for and obtain a permit before entering Sweden. Under certain circumstances, you can apply for and obtain a permit while in the country.

You can apply for a work permit while in Sweden if you

If you are a non-EU national with a university degree or five years' professional experience and a salary equivalent to one and a half times the average gross salary in Sweden, you may apply for an EU Blue Card.

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If you have an ICT permit for another EU state, you can apply for an extended-stay mobility ICT permit.

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If you have a residence permit because of family ties to a partner in Sweden and the relationship has ended you can in some cases apply for a work permit without leaving Sweden. In order to do so you must have a job or a job offer and exceptional grounds for applying from within Sweden. Examples of exceptional grounds are that you have been legally residing in Sweden for a long time or have been granted multiple residence permits as a family member to your previous partner, and that you have personal circumstances which mean that it would be unreasonable to demand that you travel back to your home country to hand in your application. If you apply for a work permit before your current permit expires, you are entitled to keep working or start a new employment while waiting for a decision. Find out about application procedures under Extending a permit.

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When you apply for a new job

When you apply for a new job, you need to include copies of documents that show that you have the right to stay and work in Sweden. You also need to bring your residence permit card with you. The employer will want to know the duration of your right to work in Sweden and if there are any limitations in your permit. The person that hires you will ask for a copy of the documents and will notify the Tax Agency of your employment.

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