Entry visa for business trip during an ongoing application for an extended work permit

If you have applied for an extension of your work permit and need to go on a business trip outside Sweden during the period when your application is being processed, you have the option to apply for an entry visa, a so-called “D-visa”. You will need the entry visa to be able to enter Sweden when you return from the business trip. If you are exempt from the visa requirements in the EU/Schengen, you do not need a D-visa to travel in and out of Sweden.

Requi­re­ments for entry visa for a busi­ness trip

In order to get a D-visa for a business trip, you must have an open application for an extended work permit. You can only get a D-visa for a business trip, not for travel for other reasons. In order for you to obtain an entry visa, your employer must certify that you need to travel as part of your job. You cannot submit your D-visa application before you know if and when the business trip will occur. If you are exempt from the visa requirements, you do not need to apply for a D-visa to make your business trip.

Your family members cannot apply for a D-visa to accompany you on your business trip.

If you have certain resi­dence permits, you cannot get a D-visa

If you have applied for an extension of certain types of residence permits, you cannot obtain a visa for business travels while your application is being processed. This applies to residence permits for athletes, coaches, au pairs, trainees, seasonal workers, ICT, EU blue card, working holiday, self-employment, researchers and volunteers.

How to apply

It is important that you submit your application for an entry visa well in advance of your business trip. It takes two to three weeks to get a decision, and you must have been granted and obtained a D-visa before you travel. If your application for an entry visa needs to be supplemented with additional information, it may take longer before you get a decision.

To file your application, fill in the form Application for national visa for Sweden (D-visa), 253011 Pdf, 1.7 MB, opens in new window.

You must attach the following to your appli­ca­tion

  • Copy of your passport.
  • Certificate from your employer showing that you need to make the trip as part of your job. The certificate must describe the purpose of the trip and when it is to take place.
  • Certificate from the person you are going to visit, such as an invitation from a company or organisation, indicating that you are going to make the visit.

You submit your application at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s service centres. You do not need to make an appointment to submit your application.

Addresses and opening hours of the Swedish Migration Agency

When you visit the Swedish Migration Agency, you must bring your passport and the certificates that you attached to your application. It costs 60 Euros to apply. The fee is charged in the equivalent amount in Swedish kronor. At the time of your visit, you will be photographed.

After we have received your appli­ca­tion

It takes two to three weeks to process your application. The Swedish Migration Agency will then send the decision to the mailing address that you have provided in your application.

If the Swedish Migration Agency grants you an entry visa, you will receive an entry visa sticker affixed inside your passport. We will contact you to provide you with information about when and where to visit us to get the entry visa sticker.

After the deci­sion

You can make multiple business trips with the same entry visa during its period of validity.

If your application for a work permit extension is rejected, your entry visa may be revoked.

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