Access official docu­ments

Everyone has a right to access official documents that are public. With the form on this page, you can request access to official documents at the Swedish Migration Agency.

You have a right to access official documents at the Swedish Migration Agency. This is a constitutionally protected right that is in Chapter 2 of the Freedom of the Press Act. A document is official if it is stored at the agency and has been received by the agency, archived or prepared and dispatched from the agency. Many of the official documents that are at the Swedish Migration Agency are covered partly or entirely by secrecy. If the official document contains confidential information, its release is reviewed according to the regulations of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.

You can use various ways to access or obtain a copy of the official document. You can use the form on this page. You can also send a letter or email, visit us or call us.

Contact information to the Swedish Migration Agency

Order documents in your case

If you want to order documents that concern your own case or a case for a person where you have an authorisation to represent them, it is better if you use the form on the page for original documents or copies. On that page, you can, for example, request to get your passport back and order copies of documents that concern your case.

Read more about ordering original documents or copies

If you want to be anony­mous

You have the right to be anonymous when you request public official documents. If you use the form on this page, you do not need to fill in any fields that concern address or personal details except your email address. You should therefore not use an email address that indicates your name.

You can also request official documents anonymously by calling us or visiting one of our offices.

Contact information to the Swedish Migration Agency

Fee for copies of docu­ments

It is free to access official documents on site in the Swedish Migration Agency’s premises. However, if you want a copy, a fee is charged according to the Fee Ordinance.

The Fee Ordinance requires that the Swedish Migration Agency charge a fee if the copies encompass 10 pages or more. The first nine pages are free, the 10th page costs SEK 50 and thereafter every new page costs SEK 2. Postal charges for cash on delivery and postage are additional.

Prompt proces­sing

It is important that you provide enough information so that we can find the information you are requesting and so that your request can be processed promptly.

If we receive enough information and can thereby identify what document(s) you want, we will promptly process your request to access the official document. If your request requires a more extensive secrecy assessment, the handling can take extra time.

If you are not sure what documents belong to the case, and which of them you want to request, you can start by requesting a so called record sheet. Record sheets are available in a lot of cases, but not all. A record sheet shows a compilation of what documents are in the case. Based on the information in the record sheet, it may be easier for you to specify which documents you want to request.

Compi­la­tions of infor­ma­tion

As a general rule, an authority has no obligation to do a compilation, in other words prepare a new document that is comprised of information that is at the authority. If the compilation can be done with “routine measures”, meaning a minor work effort and at no major expense, the authority must, however, do such a compilation, which is then also considered an official document.

Form to access to official documents

Be as specific as possible about what documents you would like to access. If possible, provide, for example, case numbers, names, dates of birth, nationality and what documents are requested.

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