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For lgbtq persons – If you seek protection

You are entitled to protection in Sweden if you have a well-founded fear of persecution related to, as an example, your sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. When you have applied for asylum, the Swedish Migration Agency will do an individual assessment of your right to protection in Sweden.

In order for the Swedish Migration Agency to have a good basis for our decision in your case, it is important that you as early as possible tell us as much as you can about your situation and what you are afraid might happen if you return to your home country.

In our assessment of your right to protection we will, as an example, investigate how your identity is connected to what has happened to you. Therefore, be as specific as you can when you tell us who you are, why you are afraid and how your fear is connected to who you are.

A point of departure for the convention regulating the status of refugees is that the home country should provide protection for its own citizens. If you are under the impression that you cannot be protected by your own government or if the state itself is causing your fear, you need to explain that.

In certain countries there are general prohibitions leading to consequences for women and lgbtq-people. As an example: prohibition of sex between men or difficulties to bring charges on someone using violence against women. Even in countries with formal and informal rules and regulations there will always be an individual assessment based on your specific situation. Therefore it is important that you explain how the legislation or similar conditions affect you.

Terms and concepts in Swedish and in your own language may have different implications. It is most important is that you describe your own feelings and experiences and explain how they are related to your fear.

Information sheet for you who identify as lgbtq and have applied for asylum


Last updated: 2020-02-28

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