Return centres

If your application for asylum is rejected, you will be offered a place at a return centre. A return centre is an accommodation located near an international airport.

If you have received a refusal of entry or expulsion decision, or one stating that you will be transferred to another EU country, you will be offered a place in a return centre. You will stay at the return centre until you leave Sweden or until you are no longer entitled to financial support and accommodation. At the same time, this means that the Swedish Migration Agency no longer offers you any other accommodation.

Fami­lies with children

Families with children who have received an expulsion, refusal of entry, or transfer decision that has come into force are entitled to accommodation until they leave Sweden. Families with children who will be leaving the country are offered a place to stay at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s return centres if they are in need of help with accommodation.

School-age children have the right to attend school while staying at the return centre.

Support with return

While living at the Swedish Migration Agency’s return centre, you will receive support from Swedish Migration Agency staff in planning your return and re-establishment in your country of origin. This may include help with booking travel, arranging travel documents, or getting support in communication with the embassy of your country of origin.

You will receive information about the available return support for which you can apply and other support measures that will contribute to a successful re-establishment in your country of origin. To gain even more knowledge about what support is available, you can also get in touch with the organisation in your country of origin that provides such measures.

There will also be opportunities to get in touch with various non-governmental organisations that can provide support and guidance regarding your return.

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