If your application for asylum is refused

If your application is refused, it means that the Swedish Migration Agency does not accept that you have sufficient grounds to be allowed to stay in Sweden. If you are refused, you have two options: to accept the decision and go back, or to appeal. If you choose to appeal, the court will consider the decision. Even if you choose to appeal, you must plan your return.

If you accept the decision you will sign a paper which is called a declaration of satisfaction. After you have signed it, you cannot appeal and you must plan your trip back home.

Plan your trip home

You are solely responsible for planning your trip, getting a passport and anything else necessary for you to be able to return to your homeland or to travel to some other country where you have the right to live. The Swedish Migration Agency can give you support and help you with contacts in your homeland or with booking your trip. Depending on which country you come from it may be possible to arrange financial support in order to make the initial period after your arrival in your homeland easier. Ask your receiving entity about “reestablishment support”.  

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The decision will stand for four years

Decisions of refusals are normally in force for four years.


If instead you choose to appeal it means that you are asking the court of law to consider the decision of the Swedish Migration Agency. If it has been decided that you shall be deported you may stay in Sweden while your appeal is being examined. If instead it has been decided that your deportation shall be carried out immediately, you must leave Sweden even if you have appealed.

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If you do not obey the decision

When the decision has become effective and you may not appeal anymore (the decision has entered in force), you must leave Sweden. In your deportation decision shall be stipulated how much time you have before you shall leave Sweden. After this time is up you will no longer have the right to a place to live nor to financial support from the Migration Agency. This applies to all adults who do not live together with children under the age of 18 who they are responsible for.

The Migration Agency can also make decisions about supervision or safekeeping. Supervision means you shall register with the Migration Agency or the police within a certain period. If you have received a decision about safekeeping you may live in rented quarters while waiting to depart. You may also receive a decision about forbidding you to travel back.

If the Migration Agency is of the opinion that force will have to be used to carry out the decision, the responsibility to carry it out is turned over to the police.

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Re-entry ban

If you do not leave Sweden within the time stated in the decision you may receive a re-entry ban, which means that you are forbidden to enter any of the Schengen countries during a certain period of time. 

If you receive a refusal of entry with immediate effect you will always receive a re-entry ban.

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New events after the decision

If something happens because of which you cannot go back, you shall advise this to the entity, which has received you. The Migration Agency will then examine if there are obstacles to carry out the deportation. There must be new information, which has appeared after you have received the decision about your case.

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Residence, banking card and LMA card

You will lose your right to a place to live and to financial support if you have received a decision of refusal or deportation and the decision is in force, or the period for voluntary departure has run out. This will apply to you if you are an adult who does not live together with someone with children under 18 years of age which you are responsible for.

When you no longer have, right to a place to live nor to financial support you shall return your LMA card to the Migration Agency. If you have received a banking card from the Migration Agency, you shall draw the money from the account and return the card. If you have lived in one of the Migration Agency’s residences you shall leave the residence and return the keys.  

Health care and school

Up to the day, you leave Sweden you will have the same right to health service as before, but you will not get any financial compensation for medicines or healthcare, given that, your right to financial will expire.  

Children have the right to go to school while they are still in Sweden.  

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Last updated: 20 February 2017

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