How to fill in the Adressanmälan eller adressändring (Mot93) form

All fields in the form must be completed and the form must be signed. If a field is missing, your daily allowance or special allowance may be affected. It may also mean that the Swedish Migration Agency decides that you are not entitled to a daily allowance or a special allowance.

1. Personal details

Fill in the names, phone numbers, and case numbers of all the people who are moving to the new address, including children.

2. Regis­tered/​New address


Enter the name of the person whose name is on the door of the residence/postbox. If your own name is on the door/postbox, you do not need to provide a c/o.

Street address:

Enter the name of the street on which the residence is located.

Apart­ment number:

If you live in an apartment, please specify the apartment number of the apartment, which consists of four digits. You can find the apartment number in the entrance of the building, on the door to your residence, on the postbox, or on your contract.

Postal code and town/​city:

Postal code and town/city.

The address is valid from (enter the year, month and day):

Please indicate the date from which your new address applies; enter the year, month, and day.

3.Other infor­ma­tion

Here you can provide information of which you think the Swedish Migration Agency should be aware.

4. Signa­ture

If the change of address applies to more than one adult, the form must be signed by all persons over 18 years of age.

By signing the form, you certify that:

  • the information you have provided is accurate and complete
  • you understand that you are obliged to notify the Swedish Migration Agency if there are changes
  • you are aware that it is punishable to provide incorrect information, to omit something or to fail to notify the Swedish Migration Agency when there is a change to the address details you have provided.

Submit or send the form to your Unit for Reception.

You can find the addresses of the Swedish Migration Agency’s Units for Reception on the contact details page:

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