Instruc­tions for the appli­ca­tion for a special grant for children

Så här fyller du i blanketten (barn) – engelska

  1. What is the reason for your application? Tell us as clearly as possible why you need the special grant, and how much money you need for the product or service you wish to buy.
  2. Explain why the child needs the product or service.
  3. List the documents are you sending with your application to show why the child needs the product or service.
  4. List any income that you, the other parent, or the child receives from employment, or any allowances you receive from other government agencies or organizations, such as sickness benefits, parental benefits or child allowance from the National Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan).
  5. Tell us whether you, the other parent, or the child has cash other than the daily allowance from the Swedish Migration Agency.
  6. Tell us whether you, the other parent, or your child has financial assets, such as cars, money in a Swedish or foreign bank account, a business, shares or assets outside of Sweden that you, the other parent, or the child can sell in order to get cash.
  7. Signing this application means you are swearing the following under oath:

    • The information you have provided in your application is correct.
    • You understand that you are required to inform us of any changes in your financial situation may affect your right to the subsidy or the size of the special grant.
    • You are aware that submitting false information can be considered criminal benefits fraud, which can lead to a police complaint.
    • You have understood what you are signing.

It is important that you fill out this form correctly so that the Swedish Migration Agency will be able to make a decision without needing to ask you for additional information. If information is missing, the Swedish Migration Agency may decide to refuse your application the Agency is not able to evaluate your needs.

Submit the form to your reception unit, or send the form to your reception unit.

You can find the mailing address of the reception units at the Swedish Migration Agency at:

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