Bank card for asylum seekers

The economic allowance you receive from the Swedish Migration Agency is placed on a bank card.

You will receive the bank card from the Migration Agency. You also receive two different codes along with your bank card.

Picture of a bank card.

Pin code and password

When the Migration Agency issues you a bank card, you receive an envelope with information on your card code (PIN code) and an envelope with information on your password.

  • The PIN code is a four-digit card code that you use when paying or withdrawing money.
  • The password is a four-digit code that you can use when you want to check your balance via the internet, the app or telephone. You can check your balance by logging in at External link, opens in new window., downloading the app or calling the ICA bank at 033-47 47 50. Read more on the piece of paper the card comes on.
  • Remember what numerical code you are going to use for the card, and what code you are going to use for your balance information. The card will be blocked if you use an incorrect code three times. The Migration Agency does not know your codes.

How to use your bank card

You can both pay and withdraw money with your bank card. You can pay with your card at all stores in Sweden that accept Maestro. You must approve all purchases and withdrawals with your card code (the PIN code). The bank card is only valid in Sweden.

The Maestro logotype.

The bank card also works at unattended petrol stations. When you are refilling, SEK 1,500 is reserved on the card. If you do not have so much money on your card, you can refill for the amount available on the card. Once you are done refilling, the reservation of SEK 1,500 is released after a few minutes, and only the amount you refilled for is charged to the card.

To get cash, you can

  • withdraw money at any ATM machine that has the Maestro symbol
  • withdraw cash at the checkout in an ICA store
  • withdraw cash in a store at the same time that you make a purchase with your bank card. Please note that this depends on the availability of cash at the store.

There is a limit to how much cash you can withdraw:

  • SEK 3,000 at a time in ICA stores (this depends on the availability of cash at the store)
  • SEK 5,000 at a time from a cash machine/ATM that belongs to ICA-banken
  • SEK 2,000 at a time from a regular cash machine/ATM
  • SEK 15,000 in total over a period of one calendar week (Monday–Sunday), regardless from where you withdrew the money.

Check the vali­dity period of your card

You should check your card’s period of validity so that you do not accidentally end up with an expired card. You can find the period of validity on the front side of the card. There, you can see the month and year when the card expires. One month before the validity period ends, you can come in and exchange your card for a new one.

Chec­king the balance

You can check your balance at an ICA store, on the web, through the app, or via automatic voice responses (self-service by phone). At the store, you can use your bank card and PIN code. On the web, in the app or in the automated voice service, you must have your password and case number available. The case number is the number that appears under the photograph on your Asylum Seeker card.

If you lose your card

If you lose your bank card, or if it is stolen, you should block your card as soon as you notice it is missing. Follow these steps:

  • Call the ICA bank at the number 033-47 47 50. When you call, you should provide your case number (this number appears under the photograph on your Asylum Seeker card).

Things to keep in mind

  • Your card is a personal document of value, which should be stored in a secure manner. You are personally responsible for ensuring that the card does not end up in the wrong hands.
  • Never store your PIN code together with your bank card. Memorise the code and then destroy the document notifying you of the code.
  • You must have the card with you in order to register each purchase or withdrawal. This means that you cannot make purchases via the internet or mail order, or through any other place where you cannot swipe your card through a reader.
  • The card will be automatically blocked if you enter an incorrect PIN code three times in a row. Some ATM machines may then hold on to your card.
  • When you are removed from the Migration Agency’s reception system, you should withdraw the money from the bank card and return the card to the Migration Agency.

Infor­ma­tion on the bank card

You are not able to place money on the card, and you do not collect any interest, either.

The Migration Agency has the right to inspect your card in order to (for example) ensure that payments to the card are working.

If you would like more infor­ma­tion

If you have any questions, you can call your Reception Unit, or the Migration Agency’s Contact Centre at 0771-235 235.

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