Express interest in becoming an established arranger

Certain performers, their technicians and other tour staff members are allowed to work without work permits because their promoters are on a list of established promoters. This page contains information for arrangers who want to be put on that list.

If you are an arranger included on the list, you do not need to apply for work permits when performers, their technicians and other tour staff members are going to work in Sweden. The exemption from the work permit requirement only applies if you are included on the list and the individuals concerned are going to work for at most 14 days in a 12-month period.

Even if the performer is exempt from the work permit requirement, citizens of certain countries still need to have a visa.  

Countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Sweden External link, opens in new window.

Requi­re­ments for becoming an established arranger

An arranger is judged to be established if

  • their business is stable financially over the long term
  • gigs are arranged every year with performers or groups from non-EU countries
  • the arranger pays salaries or fees in line with collective agreements.

How to express inte­rest

You complete the form Intresseanmälan om att bli upptagen på Migrationsverkets förteckning över etablerade arrangörer, number 178011 (in Swedish only) and send it to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Intresseanmälan om att bli upptagen på Migrationsverkets förteckning över etablerade arrangörer, form 178011 (in Swedish only) Pdf, 1.2 MB, opens in new window.

The list of arrangers is updated twice a year. An expression of interest to be included on the list of arrangers has to be submitted by 1 February or 1 August. An expression of interest that comes in after these dates has to wait until the next update is made.

What you have to enclose with your expres­sion of inte­rest:

  • annual accounts for the past two financial years to show that your finances are stable
  • a programme sheet or the like if you have one.

It is important that you submit an expression of interest in which all the information is entered and that the documents required are enclosed. An expression of interest that is not complete cannot be assessed, and this means you will not be able to be included on the list.

Send your expres­sion of inte­rest to:

Tillståndsenhet 2
Box 1087
SE-405 23 Göteborg, Sweden

When we have received your expres­sion of inte­rest

Decisions to update the list of arrangers are made by the Swedish Migration Agency. Before decisions are made, a reference group consisting of Arbetsförmedlingen Kultur Media (Swedish Public Employment Service, Culture and Media) and representatives of trade unions, interest organisations and employer organisations concerned is given the opportunity to present views,

The assessment takes account of financial circumstances and insurance cover, for example. The decision is also affected by how you have handled matters concerning work permits in the past as an arranger. To enable us to make an overall assessment of your financial operations, it is generally the case that your operations must have been going on for long enough for annual accounts to have been prepared. When needed, information is obtained from other organisations and public authorities.

After the deci­sion

You receive written information about the decision.

If you are included on the list as an arranger, you have the responsibility of notifying the Swedish Migration Agency of changes to your contact details. You are also responsible for notifying the Swedish Migration Agency if there is no longer a need for you to be included on the list. Notify changes to

Note that the Swedish Migration Agency can remove an arranger from the list if the requirements are not met.

The Swedish Migration Agency's list of established arrangers, MIGRFS 2023:11 Pdf, 134.7 kB, opens in new window.

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