In Sweden, school is free and all children must go to school. You have the right to go to school just like all other children who live in Sweden.

Compulsory school

Compulsory school consists of primary and lower secondary school. It lasts ten years, and you usually start the year you turn six. The first year of school is called preschool class. It involves a lot of play and creative activities to prepare young children for their future schooling. In compulsory school, all students study approximately the same subjects.

Upper secondary school

Upper secondary school is a voluntary education where students have the opportunity to choose a specialisation to prepare for professional life or continued studies at a university or college. In order to study at an upper secondary school, you must have completed your compulsory school studies.

If you are an asylum seeker, you have the right to complete an upper secondary education if you started your upper secondary studies before you turn 18. This also applies if you move to another municipality.

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