The Swedish Migration Agency decides whether you should be granted asylum in Sweden by looking at everything you have told and shown, and what we know about the situation in your home country. After that we compare this with what the law says about who should be granted asylum in Sweden.

Once the Swedish Migration Agency has decided whether you should be granted asylum, your family will be invited to a meeting. At the meeting, the case officer will explain the decision and what happens next. The asylum decision is written in Swedish, but a case officer at the reception unit will explain what it means with the help of an interpreter.

The case officer who tells about the decision may not be the same person who interviewed you and made the decision. There are always two people who make the decision together. This is so that we can be sure that the right decision is made. The case officers at the Swedish Migration Agency are not allowed to decide as they see fit, but must follow the law.

Yes or no

If you receive a yes to your application, you will be granted a residence permit and have the right to stay in Sweden.

If you receive a no to your application, your application is what you call rejected.


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