Refusal – what happens then?

Refusal means that you have received a NO to your application for asylum. You cannot stay in Sweden.

Your parents will be called to a meeting at the Migration Agency if your asylum application has been refused. If you and your parents want you to, you can attend this meeting. During the meeting you will receive help understanding the content of the decision. Whether your parents appeal the decision or not, you will be summoned to the Migration Agency to talk about your situation and your thoughts about the future.

If your parents accept the decision they can say that they accept the decision. This is called declaration of acceptance and means that your parents accept the decision and don't want to appeal it. Your parents cannot take back a declaration of acceptance.

Appeal a refusal

Your parents can appeal the decision if they think that your situation has not been assessed correctly.

Appeal means that your parents write to the Migration Agency to say that they don't agree with what the Migration Agency has decided. Your parents want the court to change the Migration Agency's decision.

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