Residence permit – what happens then?

Residence permit means that you have received a YES to your application for asylum. You can stay in Sweden.

If you and your family get a residence permit you will be summoned to a meeting with the staff at the Reception Unit. At the meeting you will find out what is stated in the decision and why you have been granted a residence permit.

The residence permit is temporary. This means that you can stay in Sweden for a certain time, usually three years or 13 months. When your residence permits expire you can apply for an extension. If you still need protection you may be granted a residence permit for another two years. After three years in Sweden with a residence permit, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.

What you should do when you have received a resi­dence permit

You and your family must visit the Swedish Tax Agency for registration. This means that you will receive personal identity numbers with the last four digits.

If you have lived in your own accommodation, you will be discharged from the Migration Agency 30 days after the decision was made. If you have lived in accommodation provided by the Migration Agency and can't find your own accommodation, you will receive more information from the Migration Agency about how to get another accommodation.

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