If your family does not have any money of your own, you have the right to apply for financial support from the Swedish Migration Agency. There are two forms of financial support to apply for: daily allowance and special allowance.

Daily allowance

All asylum seekers who do not have any money of their own can apply for a daily allowance. Among other things, the daily allowance should cover food, clothes, shoes, shampoo, medicine and things that you want to do in your leisure time. It is called a daily allowance because you receive a certain amount of money for each day, but the money is paid out once a month. Your parents will receive a bank card to which the money will be deposited.

Special allowances

If you need to buy something that the daily allowance does not cover, you can apply for a special allowance. For example, this could include eyeglasses, winter clothes, or a pram. When you and your family apply for a special allowance, it is important that you explain why you need the money. The application is submitted to the reception unit, which decides whether or not you should receive the money. It may be that you get less money than you asked for. If you are dissatisfied with the decision about the special allowance, you can lodge an appeal.


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